BREAKING: Renacci Secures Republican Nomination in Ohio Senate Race​

Wadsworth, Ohio—After only a few months in the race, today, Ohioans elected Jim Renacci as the Republican nominee in the race for U.S. Senate, positioning him to take on and defeat Sherrod Brown in November.

Jim is committed to putting Ohio first and advancing ​a ​common sense, pro-growth economic agenda ​that serves Ohio families and businesses, rather than the far-left special interests that Sherrod Brown represents in Washington.

“I am ​honored​ to have secured ​the ​Republican nomination for U.S ​Senate and am humbled by the outpouring of support ​our​ campaign has received throughout the state. For those w​ho voted for a different candidate in this race​, I​’m committed to​ earning your support in the weeks and months ahead. Ohio deserves a voice in this Senate seat who will support rather than obstruct the President’s agenda, and who will fight for Ohio families and businesses rather than the liberal special interests that Sherrod Brown serves in Washington. I will be that voice for Ohio and I look forward to delivering that change in November.”—Jim Renacci

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