Illegal Immigration

We are a nation of immigrants and we are also a nation of laws–and there is no question that today our immigration system is broken, as the laws which govern it are far too often ineffective or unenforced. Failure to fix our broken immigration system and secure our borders has become an undeniable threat to our country’s safety, security and economy–and as your next United States Senator I will remain relentless in my pursuit address and resolve this urgent and critical issue facing our nation.

Sanctuary Cities
I strongly oppose so called “sanctuary cities”, which seek to undermine and nullify federal immigration laws and pose a clear and present danger to the vitality and safety of communities across the country. I have co-sponsored and voted for Kate’s law, which would impose stricter penalties on deported felons who reenter the United States. Additionally, I co-sponsored and voted in support of the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act that holds cities accountable who don’t follow federal law. I will continue to lead the fight against sanctuary cities in the United States Senate.

Secure the Border
I will work with our President to advance construction of a wall and additional security measures on the Southern Border to stop the flow of drugs, human trafficking and additional threats to our nation’s security.

Merit-Based Immigration
Our immigration system is in desperate need of reforms including ending chain migration and the diversity visa program. I will support a merit-based immigration system so we bring in the best and brightest from around the world that have the skills we need to strengthen our country in a 21st Century economy.

Nationwide E-Verify
The only way we are going to end illegal immigration is by cutting off the magnets that drive migrants to break into our country. That includes instituting a nationwide E-Verify system which would make businesses check that their employees are legally allowed to work in this country.

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