Right to Life


In the Constitution, our Founding Fathers poignantly wrote that we are endowed by our Creator with inalienable rights—including the right to life. As a person of faith, I believe Life is our Creator’s most precious gift and that we must protect the sanctity of life—from the moment of conception on.

Since the United States Supreme Court decision in Roe v. Wade, approximately 60 million American babies have been aborted. To me, this loss of life is an appalling travesty.

During my time in Washington, I’ve advocated a pro-life agenda for every life—and am very proud to have a 100% Right to Life voting record in Congress. So you can count on my continued advocacy for life in the Senate.

From the moment of conception to your final heartbeat, I will always fight for your life.

To the unborn child, to those with disabilities, to those suffering from opioid addiction, I say to you: You have the right to life. And I will fight for you!

Opioid Epidemic

A country is only as strong as the health of all of its communities. We can and should do more to end the opioid epidemic in Americaespecially in Ohio. Our state and its communities have been ravaged by a devastating opioid epidemic that leads the entire nation and took over 4,000 lives in Ohio alone last year.  And this year alone, more Americans will die from opioid related overdoses than we lost in the entire Vietnam War.  

During my time in Congress I have led the fight tackle this crisis and in Ohio have formed an opioid addiction advisory board comprised of recovering addicts, medical professionals and law enforcement officers who are working together to help craft effective solutions.  In the United States Senate I will continue my unyielding campaign to rid our communities of this crisis and advance policies that both help ensure access to treatment and foster the hope and economic opportunity that is so often missing from the lives of those plagued by the abyss of addiction.

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