The Economy


I could not be more proud to have fought for and helped craft the 2017 tax reform legislation that will deliver badly needed tax relief to middle income families and American businesses. That sweeping tax cut legislation reduced personal taxes on over 80 percent of Americans and has already allowed business across the country to expand and thrive. Millions of Americans received bonuses, increased benefits, and raises because of that legislation and I was honored to have supported it.

Unfortunately, our current Senator doesn’t believe that hardworking Americans deserved that tax cut, and he voted against it. He placed the wishes of liberal special interests in Washington and Hollywood over the needs of the people he was elected to serve in Ohio, and we can’t let him get away with it.

As your Senator, I will continue to promote a pro-growth agenda that leaves more money in the hands of American families and businesses who know far better how to spend it than Washington politicians and bureaucrats do.

While we live in a global economy, for far too long unfair trade deals have given foreign trading partners a massive advantage while countless American jobs vanished, particularly in places like our state, which has been hit hard by job and population decline. We must renegotiate these trade deals and I’ve been proud to stand with President Trump has he seeks to advance an America First agenda.

Too often in the past, trade agreements have placed unfair barriers in the way of U.S. companies looking to sell their goods and services abroad. Trade is vital to our interest, but it must be done fairly and not at the expense of American workers and their families. I will fight to ensure that any trade agreement that comes before the U.S. Senate contains the protections necessary to open foreign markets and give our companies a fair chance to compete in a true free market.

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