Why You Should Support Jim: Countdown to the Primary

Good morning,

With only FIVE days left until the Primary Election, each day we’ll highlight a reason why you should support U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci in the Primary and beyond.

#5 Jim’s CPA and business experience has taught him how to cut spending and prioritize dollars. 

As aforementioned in #7, Jim was an architect of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, but did you know that Jim is also a licensed CPA? He has such a strong grip on our nation’s tax code that he still does his own taxes, his business taxes, and his mom’s taxes each year.

What does that mean for Ohioans? Jim believes that:
1) Our country’s debt is a huge threat to our nation’s security;
2) We have a fundamental responsibility to ensure future generations don’t inherit crushing debt.

That’s why Jim supports President Trump’s pro-growth economic policies that will bring more and better-paying jobs to our economy and leave Ohioans feeling confident and optimistic about their financial futures.

“Our nation’s children should not have to bear the economic burden of those who have come before them. Jim believes in fostering further economic growth and decreasing our nation’s debt by advancing a pro-growth, common-sense agenda. As our next U.S. Senator, he will promote conservative policies that support Ohioans keeping more of their hard-earned paychecks.”—Brittany Martinez, Renacci for Senate Communications Director

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