Why You Should Support Jim: Countdown to the Primary

Good morning,

With only THREE days left until the Primary Election, each day we’ll highlight a reason why you should support U.S. Senate candidate Jim Renacci in the Primary and beyond.

#3​ Jim ​wants to eradicate our nation’s devastating opioid crisis.
While #5 and #7 covered Jim’s fiscally conservative nature, Jim also knows that the health of our economy impacts more than just our wallets: it directly affects the sense of hope and opportunity that Ohioans, particularly young Ohioans, feel about their future. When a feeling of hopelessness persists, as it does in many communities across our state, some young people turn to drugs, including opioids.​ We need Ohioans to feel more confident and optimistic about their futures, and Jim​ believe​s​ ​one way ​this can be done ​is ​by adding more and better paying jobs to our economy​.​

​Additionally, during​ his​ time in Congress​, Jim​ ​has​ led the fight to tackle the opioid​ crisis in Ohio ​by forming an opioid addiction advisory board,​ comprised of recovering addicts, medical professionals,​ and law enforcement officers who are working together to help craft effective solutions.

“As our next Senator, Jim will continue fighting​ to rid our communities of​ opioid abuse and advance policies that both help ensure access to treatment and foster the hope and economic opportunity that is so often missing from the lives of those plagued by the abyss of addiction​.”—Brittany Martinez, Renacci for Senate Communications Director

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