Author: JimRenacci

We are committing economic suicide.

States like Florida are well on their way to fully re-opening. Their elected officials understand the importance of getting people back to work, businesses re-opened, and students back to school. In Ohio we are lagging seriously behind and the consequences will be long lasting, unless we act now. The state of Ohio‘s official unemployment rate […]

We Must Restore Law and Order

Images of the burning of cars, homes and the senseless violence and murders that we have all seen on tv in Democratic run cities around the country, could very easily come to your neighborhood. Even if you live in the suburbs. No American, regardless of their political beliefs or ethnicity deserves to fear leaving their […]

Looking forward to 2040

Today as I look at our country and our nation, my vision has changed.  I used to look at 2020 and see change, but now leadership at all levels has cast a blur on what I see for our future.   My vision is now 2040.  Why 2040?  Well in the next few weeks, my […]

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July to you and your family! In this 244th year of Independence, we’re experiencing some of the most serious challenges of the last decades all at once, but let us never forget we still live in the greatest nation on earth. Today I especially want to thank our brave men and women […]

Renacci: Defend the Police

“Defund the police.” “Abolish the police.” Almost overnight, phrases like these have been thrust to the forefront of the national conscience in light of nationwide protests over George Floyd’s death. While they each might be composed of just three words, if these talking points were to translate into official government policy, the ramifications would be […]

Renacci on Newsmax

Jim Renacci was back on Newsmax last week to discuss the issue of COVID-19 Deaths in nursing homes in the US and Ohio. Studies show 40% of all deaths in the United States are from nursing homes and over 70% of COVID deaths in Ohio are from nursing homes. We need investigations.

Renacci: Coronavirus Will Catalyze America’s Decoupling from China

The fallout from coronavirus has been profound: unemployment surged past record-highs, non-essential businesses shut down overnight, and the national debt ballooned immensely. No American remained unscathed. As an entrepreneur and business owner, the economic impacts of the virus are clear and hit close to home. As a former Ohio Congressman, the political ramifications of the virus are also […]

RENACCI: Poorly-Run States Shouldn’t Get A Bailout

The devastation created by the coronavirus has not spared anyone, including state governments. Many are now looking at massive spending deficits, as high as $25 billion in the case of California. The holes in their budgets are likely to persist past this fiscal year, and states will be eyeing the federal government for a much-needed […]

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