Renacci: Adopting Red Flag Laws Is the Wrong Move for Ohio

Gun control advocates have used the recent waves of mass shootings that have plagued this country to advance their political ambitions and rollback Second Amendment rights.   Multiple states, including Maryland, New Jersey, and Florida, have passed red flag laws to curb gun violence. Supporters of these laws claim that they will prevent potentially dangerous […]

Renacci: Mike DeWine Should Be ‘Compassionate for Ohioans First’ Before Importing More Refugees

Former Rep. Jim Renacci (R-OH) says Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine should be “compassionate for Ohioans first” before importing more refugees to his state, as he has decided to do, at the expense of taxpayers. Earlier this month, Clinton-appointed Judge Peter Messitte granted a preliminary injunction to refugee contractors who sued President Trump for implementing an […]

RENACCI: Ohio Is Up For Grabs In 2020

The 2020 presidential election campaigns are in full-gear, and many analysts have all but written off Ohio for Democrats. Famed election predictors Charlie Cooke, Stuart Rothenberg, and Larry Sabato all say President Trump is likely to win Ohio out of the gate. A Washington Post op-ed suggested that after the 2018 election, it was clear […]

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