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OP-ED: Enough is enough, it is time to restore law and order in Ohio

Last May, like you I watched horrified as what began as a peaceful protest in downtown Columbus quickly escalated into a full-scale riot. That riot then spread to Ohio’s historic Statehouse where thugs broke 28 windows, burned American flags, and ultimately caused over $158,000 in damages to the people’s house.   The damage to downtown Columbus […]

Town Hall #6: Sanctuary for Freedom

Jim Renacci breaks down how Ohio can become a ‘Sanctuary State for Freedom,’ a place that protects our fundamental rights. This is an important conversation. From Columbus to Washington, DC, the right to free speech and right to bear arms have never been so vulnerable.  Jim was joined by Chris Dorr from Ohio Gun Owners and Jon Caupp, […]

We are committing economic suicide.

States like Florida are well on their way to fully re-opening. Their elected officials understand the importance of getting people back to work, businesses re-opened, and students back to school. In Ohio we are lagging seriously behind and the consequences will be long lasting, unless we act now. The state of Ohio‘s official unemployment rate […]

We Must Restore Law and Order

Images of the burning of cars, homes and the senseless violence and murders that we have all seen on tv in Democratic run cities around the country, could very easily come to your neighborhood. Even if you live in the suburbs. No American, regardless of their political beliefs or ethnicity deserves to fear leaving their […]

Looking forward to 2040

Today as I look at our country and our nation, my vision has changed.  I used to look at 2020 and see change, but now leadership at all levels has cast a blur on what I see for our future.   My vision is now 2040.  Why 2040?  Well in the next few weeks, my […]

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