100 Ohio Business Owners Call for Change—Endorse Renacci


“We should not be living under a dictator’s rule who picks winners and losers”

Wadsworth, Oh--Today, 100 Ohio business owners announced their public endorsement of Jim Renacci for Governor of Ohio. Jim has spent 39 years in the private sector, creating jobs and employing 1000’s of Ohioans and considers himself a career businessman and has committed to returning Ohio to greatness.

Business owner Charlie Callani saw firsthand how hard Ohio businesses were hit by DeWine’s economic lockdowns across the state. “Renacci has been in our shoes, The government did this to him when they took his Chevy dealership. Governor Dewine has never taken accountability for what he did to Ohioans, destroying our small businesses. In fact he has doubled down. Well on May 3rd, we will hold him accountable,” said Callani of Charlie’s Auto Repair.

Tom Kornas of Kornas Media said, “Jim has the pedigree to fix Ohio. While DeWine has spent four decades cashing taxpayer checks, Renacci has spent four decades signing employee paychecks and creating Jobs. He is the Donald Trump of Ohio. This is the leader Ohio needs.”

“We should not be living under a dictator’s rule who picks winners and losers. It is un-American. Jim Renacci is one of us. He does not look down on us from an ivory tower. He is on the streets and in our businesses and has a qualified plan to correct years of bad leadership. Mike DeWine has fundamentally failed the business owners of Ohio.” stated Brian Robinson of ZOE Investments.

“I am beyond humbled as I look over this list of business leaders. It’s not Ohio’s politicians, it’s people like these that make Ohio run. As a business guy who has now spent four decades in the business world, I know what it takes to succeed and I know what it feels like when the government gets in your way. When I am elected governor, Ohio will see leadership that gets the engines of this state firing again.” said Jim Renacci.


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