3 Facts DeWine Doesn’t Want To Talk About At Today’s JobsOhio Meeting


As Mike DeWine heads to the JobsOhio quarterly meeting today to pat his friends on the back and pretend that the state's economy is on the right track, here are three dire facts about DeWine's economy that they hope don't make the news.

  1. Ohio's economic recovery is among the worst in the nation. 
    Mike DeWine still hasn't been able to dig Ohio out of the hole his aggressive and unnecessary lockdowns created. Ohio ranks near the bottom at 43rd in overall unemployment recovery since the beginning of the pandemic. While other states led by conservative Republican governors are leading the nation in economic recovery, Ohio is lagging far behind under the cocktail of corruption and big government liberalism that has defined Mike DeWine’s term as Governor.

  2. Ohio is suffering through a labor shortage and young people are still leaving our state in droves. 
    Ohio businesses are already suffering from a severe labor shortage under Mike DeWine's leadership, and there's no sign it's going to get better any time soon. The next generation of Ohioans are leaving Ohio to seek opportunities elsewhere...as many as 40% of a school's graduates leave the state. The first step to making Ohio a land of opportunity again is to fire Mike DeWine and elect a real conservative governor like Jim Renacci to lead our state.

  3. JobsOhio's bureaucracy and budget has ballooned without any measurable increase in jobs. 
    Since its formation, JobsOhio has more than doubled its budget for salaries and benefits for staff, and it's prospered to the point where it's sitting on nearly $1 billion in assets. Yet there has been no corresponding increase in the number of new jobs created per year. As Jim Renacci pointed out this month, "The highly paid staff should be laid off and their duties should be returned to state government agencies. Meanwhile, these big surpluses should be spent on small businesses or returned to taxpayers."

Jim Renacci issued the following statement: "While Ohio's economy suffers, Mike DeWine and his well-paid friends at JobsOhio are patting themselves on the back today and celebrating yet another year of their failed government experiment. The first step to putting Ohio back on the road to prosperity is firing Mike DeWine, who spent months needlessly locking down our economy and killing Ohio jobs.   We need a true conservative agenda to open Ohio for business again—and that’s precisely what I’ll deliver as Governor."