3 Times DeWine Fell Flat Trying To Critique His Friend Biden


Mike DeWine and Joe Biden are pals. DeWine recently refused to criticize him when given the chance among other Republican governors, and Biden once praised Mike DeWine for his support for his COVID policies and mask mandates.

Naturally, DeWine tried to hide the fact that he's Biden's friend last night by tweeting a few critiques of Biden's State of the Union speech, but they only served as a reminder of DeWine's blue state record. 

1. DeWine accused Biden of driving up the price of gas...while he himself is refusing to lower gas prices by cutting his gas tax.

2. DeWine tried to talk about taxes in Ohio...ignoring the fact that Ohio remains one of the top ten worst-taxed states for individuals and businesses in the country. 

  • According to the Tax Foundation, Ohio ranks 41st in the country for individual income tax burden and 40th for business tax burden.

3. DeWine tried to talk about the border...ignoring the fact that he himself voted for illegal immigration-inducing amnesty in 2006.

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response:

"DeWine and Biden are two career politicians who go back decades to when they were buddies in Congress. Given DeWine's record of governing like a blue state liberal, it took less than a year for Biden to give Mike DeWine a position as Co-chair of Biden's Council of Governors. Real conservatives see through the rhetoric and recognize career politicians when we see them, and we've had enough of DeWine's coziness with Joe Biden. Joe Knopp and I are firmly pro-Trump, pro-constitution, pro-family, pro-freedom, and pro-Ohio."