4 Issues DeWine Doesn’t Want to Hear at the Trump Rally


DeWine has opposed President Trump and the MAGA movement every step of the way.

DeWine is no supporter of President Trump. In fact, DeWine recently said "I'm not going to go there" when asked whether he believed President Trump is a positive presence in American life. No surprise why...DeWine doesn't have much good to say and has opposed President Trump and the MAGA movement every step of the way. Here are four issues DeWine does NOT want to hear about at this weekend's Trump rally!

1. Stopping election fraud. For the past two years, Mike DeWine has refused to say whether he believes there was substantial voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Jim Renacci believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump and has a plan to ensure Ohio's elections are safe and secure for years to come.

2. Protecting women's sports. DeWine has pledged to veto any attempts to stop the radical Left from erasing gender and allowing biological men to compete in women's sports - the exact opposite position of President Trump.

Jim Renacci does NOT believe biological men should be allowed to compete in women's sportsand that will be his position as Governor!

3. Combatting critical race theory. President Trump has been a leader in the fight against critical race theory. Unfortunately, DeWine chose to stay on the sidelines while his appointees to the Ohio Board of Education voted to inject critical race theory into Ohio's schools and his Chancellor of Higher Education added CRT-inspired DEI coursework into the approved higher education curriculum.

Jim Renacci is 100% opposed to critical race theory and has pledged to appoint a new education director who will lead the fight against woke nonsense in Ohio's schools, a plan that earned him the endorsement of the Ohio Value Voters.

4. Resisting the Left's COVID mandates. DeWine acted as a "lone wolf" in the early days of the pandemic and, despite President Trump's guidance, aggressively locked down Ohio, killing three quarters of a million jobs and shutting down countless businesses and livelihoods. He was the first governor in the nation to needlessly shut down schools, paving the way for the rest of the country to do so and hurting children's educationEven today, DeWine says he has "no regrets" about his actions and supports mandates that infringe on Ohioans' freedoms. 

Jim Renacci will put an end to the lockdowns and the mandates once and for all, will put Ohio's schools back on track to teaching reading, math and science, and clean up the mess DeWine made.