5 Questions Mike DeWine Is Afraid to Answer at the Debate


DeWine is too afraid of facing Ohio Republican voters, while Jim Renacci has a plan for accountable conservative leadership.

1. Why did your appointees to the Ohio Board of Education vote to inject critical race theory into Ohio schools, and why are you refusing to do anything about critical race theory now? 

Jim Renacci is 100% opposed to critical race theory and has pledged to appoint a new education director who will lead the fight against woke nonsense in Ohio's schools, a plan that earned him the endorsement of the Ohio Value Voters.

2. Do you believe there was substantial voter fraud in the 2020 election? Why do you always avoid answering this question?

Jim Renacci believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump and has a plan to ensure Ohio's elections are safe and secure for years to come.

3. Why are you refusing to do anything to help Ohioians weather the gas price crisis?

While Mike DeWine is refusing to provide Ohioans any relief from his signature 38.5 cent gas tax, Jim Renacci fully supports an immediate suspension of the gas taxto help Ohio families during Biden's energy crisis.

4. Why is Ohio ranked as one of the least competitive states in the entire country after four years of your leadership and why is our state lagging behind other Republican-led states in job creation?

A recent report found that Ohio ranks as one of the top ten worst states in the country for business and income taxes. Jim Renacci has a plan to truly overhaul Ohio's competitiveness and bring jobs and businesses back to our state.

5. Why do you have "no regrets" about the hundreds of thousands of jobs you killed by bucking President Trump's guidance and locking down Ohio

DeWine acted as a "lone wolf" in the early days of the pandemic and, despite President Trump's guidance, aggressively locked down Ohio, killing three quarters of a million jobs and shutting down countless businesses and livelihoods. Even today, DeWine says he has "no regrets" about his actions and supports mandates that infringe on Ohioans' freedoms. Jim Renacci will put an end to the lockdowns and the mandates and clean up the mess DeWine made.

Jim Renacci released the following statement in response to DeWine's refusal to debate:

"Mike DeWine has spent his term governing like a blue state liberal--shuttering our economy, irreparably harming our kids' access to education, trashing Donald Trump and turning Ohio into ground zero for public corruption. And now he's refusing to answer for any of it.  As a pro-Trump, committed conservative who has a clear plan to lead Ohio out of the mess DeWine has created, I'm not surprised he's terrified to debate me. But what does shock me is that Governor DeWine thinks so little of the countless Ohio families whose lives he's harmed, futures he's ruined and businesses he's destroyed, that he won't even take the debate stage to attempt to justify it--let alone apologize for it. A gubernatorial debate without the governor is not a gubernatorial debate. As I've said repeatedly, Ohioans deserve far better than this--and that's why I'm committed to defeating DeWine and delivering the accountable conservative leadership we desperately need."