Another Scandal Rocks DeWine Governor’s Office


First Millions From FirstEnergy, Now Unapproved, Dangerous Vaccines to our Youngest Ohioans.

Renacci says the "DeWine-Biden reign of deceit needs to end," and asks "where is the media on this corruption?"

Wadsworth, OH-Calling him, "Deceitful DeWine," Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci wants to know why the current Governor’s scandals aren't making headlines.

"He shut down our economy, and ruined our schools, then it was his public utilities commission scandal, and now his department of health is forcing unapproved vaccines students. Why isn't the media giving this the attention they gave VAX-A-MILLION?"

Renacci adds "The VAX-A-MILLION scheme was a money wasting gimmick that grabbed media attention, while our colleges and universities were forcing on students, unlawful vaccines, per HB 244, which requires vaccines to be FDA approved. Stories are now being published and lawsuits filed over the violations of HB 244."

"We need transparency and honesty in Ohio. We need an honest governor who stands up for Ohioans. I would never allow the deceit that has defined the DeWine administration."