BREAKING: New Poll Finds Renacci Leading DeWine By 8 Points


Trumpism is gaining momentum in Ohio, which is a body blow to anti-Trump Mike DeWine's 40-year political career.


New polling data released by the Renacci campaign Tuesday confirms that Trumpism is gaining momentum in Ohio in 2022 - and Governor Mike DeWine's political career is in serious trouble. 


The new poll of Ohio Republican primary voters conducted by Joe Fabrizio, President Trump's pollster with unmatched experience in polling races in Ohio, finds Republican Jim Renacci defeating Mike DeWine by 8 points in the GOP gubernatorial primary. The number that should scare DeWine most? Just 32% of Ohio Republican voters say they will vote to re-elect Mike DeWine, while 50% say they plan to vote against him. 


"Jim Renacci is clearly in command of this race and his lead will only grow as he becomes more well-known," Fabrizio said.


DeWine's image is underwater with a majority of Republicans viewing him unfavorably, while Renacci has a better than 2-to-1 favorability rating. Meanwhile, President Trump has kept a solid 89% approval rating in the state, which explains why DeWine has fallen so far out of favor with Ohio Republicans:

  • DeWine opposed President Trump when he became one of the first governors to lock down his state, against Trump's advice, and needlessly kill nearly a million jobs. 
  •  DeWine opposed President Trump when he claimed there was no fraud in the 2020 election.
  • DeWine is still opposing Trumpism by supporting school mask mandates and vaccine mandates while doing nothing to keep schools open, to combat wokeness and critical race theory in schools, or to fight the flow of drugs and crime stemming from our open border.

“DeWine's numbers are a disaster because of his poor performance and anti-Trump agenda," Renacci campaign advisor Brad Parscale said. "Jim Renacci is the only Trump candidate, and it is clear from the data that Mike DeWine is the anti-Trump candidate.”


"I've seen on the ground what this poll sees in the data," Jim Renacci said. "Ohio Republicans are deeply unsatisfied with Mike DeWine's anti-Trump blue-state leadership. Our campaign is building a groundswell of support to put Ohio on a new path and end Mike DeWine's forty year political career in May."