Cincinnati Enquirer Reporter Calls Out a Spelling Error in The Renacci Campaign While Ignoring DeWine’s Elephant-in-the-Room Corruption


Wadsworth, OH- In case you missed it, Jason Williams, an opinion columnist for the Cincinnati Enquirer, is shilling for Mike DeWine today—declaring DeWine the winner of the Ohio Governor’s race by pointing to a Renacci campaign spelling error.  Seriously, that is what he thinks of Republican voters, that they care more about a typo than honesty and leadership.

Renacci says, “Republicans know how to spell corruption, it’s D-E-W-I-N-E.   But members of the fake news media prove time and again to be in the back pocket of those in power, like Mike DeWine—by ignoring the issues that matter."

Former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale commented "As an outsider, the media wants nothing more than four more years of establishment rule. They trade information that keeps both the media and the establishment in power over the people. This was obvious with the four years of the Trump administration. A partnership between those in power to keep the voices of real Americans silent,”

Parscale, the longest-serving Trump advisor added, If DeWine’s camp believes a single typo will lose elections they really are scared. DeWine is the modern-day Republican version of Hillary Clinton. DeWine, like Hillary is a corrupt career politician who cares more about himself than the people he was elected to serve.”