CINCINNATI RIGHT TO LIFE, Macedonian American Business Group Join Long List of RENACCI Endorsers


Wadsworth, OH- Conservative voters can expect to see a flood of "Vote Renacci" messages as endorsers are putting their resources behind the Renacci/Knopp campaign.

The Cincinnati Right to Life Political Action Committee offered it's resources for use by  the Renacci team saying, "Our endorsement is a vote of confidence you are committed to protecting the lives of innocent human beings…We trust that you will be a leader for life" -Jack Hart, President Cincinnati Right to Life P.A.C.

The C.R.T.L. endorsement came in as a pro business Macedonian American Coalition. unanimously voted to put their support behind Jim Renacci instead of Mike DeWine, whom they've supported in the past.

Ilo Stojovski, spokesperson for the group, cited DeWine's "devastating mistakes during Covid-19" and acknowledged that Renacci, a successful business owner, would have kept Ohio open.

The Macedonian American group will be sending out emails and postcards encouraging voters to choose Renacci/Knopp on May 3rd and beyond.

“I continue to offer thanks for these citizen based groups for their support. It is truly an honor and shows the voters of Ohio are ready for a change and the Renacc/Knopp ticket will be that change.” said Jim Renacci