Delusional DeWine: Ohio In “Good Shape” After His Lockdowns


DeWine claimed in an interview yesterday that Ohio is in "good shape" coming out of the pandemic and his aggressive and unnecessary lockdowns that decimated our state. It was an out-of-touch and delusional comment that proves DeWine is ignorant of the damage he has done to Ohio and the reality that millions of Ohioans are dealing with everyday:

  • Violent crime is surging across Ohio. The state's murder rate is the highest in decades, and cities like Columbus are seeing record numbers of homicides.

  • Ohio's children are suffering severe setbacks thanks to DeWine's school lockdowns, resulting in struggles with socialization and coping skills, learning, and other mental health issues.

  • Ohio is still more than 200,000 jobs in the hole since DeWine needlessly shut down our state, and Ohio's unemployment recovery has remained one of the worst in the nation. Our youth continue to leave for better opportunities, taking our future prosperity with them. Even today, Ohio is ranked as one of the worst states in the country to do business, and is trailing far behind all our neighboring states.

  • Gas prices and heating bills are skyrocketing across Ohio, adding to the financial stress of the inflation and supply chain crises.

The only way to get Ohio back into "good shape" is to retire Mike DeWine and elect Jim Renacci the next governor of Ohio. Unlike DeWine, Renacci will govern like a real conservative and put Ohio back on the right path. Renacci will work with the legislature to make Ohio one of the best states to do business in; he will prioritize law enforcement and ensure they have the support they need to keep our communities safe; he will stand up to the radical Left and their war on American energy; and most importantly, he will protect Ohioans' personal liberties and ensure the government never shuts down our schools and businesses again.