DeWine Campaign Counting on a Fractured Conservative Vote


"The enemy of my enemy is my friend" is an adage that best describes DeWine's fight against Jim Renacci, and DeWine's strategy to stay in power.

Wadsworth, OH- OH Republican gubernatorial candidate, Jim Renacci is poised to win the Republican primary in May, unless the anti-DeWine vote can be weakened by other DeWine opponents.

According to results from a poll commissioned by the Committee for a Better Ohio, Renacci edged out DeWine by one percentage point, despite having to split the anti-DeWine vote with lesser known candidates.

If Renacci's lead over DeWine can be narrowed to one percent, the other candidates are only helping DeWine by diluting the conservative vote.

Renacci says Ohio conservatives are doing the math in what essentially is a 2 person race.

"We overwhelmingly want DeWine out of office," Renacci said, "I am the only conservative candidate who can make that happen. If we conservatives don't vote Renacci/Knopp in May, DeWine stays in power, and worse, loses to the Democrats in November."