DeWine MIA While Akron Parents and Students Struggling From School Shutdowns


"They have to wear masks" ... "Please do not go remote this year" ... "My kids can't take any more losses"

The Akron Beacon Journal asked thousands of parents how they are coping with the fallout from two years of school shutdowns, mask mandates, and remote learning. The answers are heart-breaking, but Mike DeWine isn't even listening, let alone doing anything to fix it.

Jim Renacci issued the following statement: 

"Mike DeWine shut down Ohio's schools two years ago and is now uselessly sitting on the sidelines while parents across the state continue to struggle with spontaneous school shutdowns, abusive mask mandates, and ineffective remote learning. DeWine may not be listening to these concerned parents, but I am. As Governor, I will fight to end the mask mandates, stop the cycle of school shutdowns that are hurting Ohio's children, and keep our schools permanently OPEN."