DeWine’s Post-Super Bowl Scoreboard: Ohio Leads In All The Wrong Categories


Mike DeWine has had nearly four years to lead Ohio on the right path. Instead, Mike DeWine Ohio has led Ohio to out-of-control Medicaid spending, burdensome regulations, skyrocketing drug overdoses, and blue state-level tax burdens. Just look at the scoreboard. For a state led by a Republican governor, Ohio deserves better.

Ohio ranks #1 in runaway Medicaid spending.
 According to a recent report from WalletHub, Ohio is the highest ranked state in the country for Medicaid spending as a share of the state budget. That same study found the quality of Ohio's Medicaid program to be ranked just 22nd.

Ohio ranks #3 in most-regulated states. A recent report from the Mercatus Center found Ohio is the THIRD most regulated state in the country, by number of restrictions, behind New York and California. 

Ohio ranks #4 in drug overdose deaths per capita. Data from the Kaiser Family Foundation show that Ohio tragically ranks fourth in the country for drug overdose deaths with no signs of slowing down.

Ohio ranks in the top ten of worst-taxed from the Tax Foundation found that Ohio ranked in the top ten most-taxed states for income taxes and business taxes.