DeWine’s ‘Top 10 Highest’ Gas Tax Costing Ohio Families Nearly $500 A Year


What could you do with an extra $500 a year?

Amid record-high and budget-breaking gas prices across Ohio, Mike DeWine is refusing to temporarily suspend or even lower his gas tax - even though it can cost the average Ohio family nearly $500 a year. 

Ohio's state gas tax of 38.5 cents is one of the top ten highest gas taxes in the country, ranked close to blue states like New Jersey, California, and Illinois. In fact, DeWine's raising of the gas tax in 2019 was one of his "first victories as Governor." There's no reason Ohioans in a red state should keep paying blue-state level taxes on gas in the middle of a painful energy crisis caused by Biden's War on Energy, yet DeWine is refusing to take action. A temporary suspension of the gas tax would provide huge, immediate relief to Ohio families who are already struggling to readjust their budgets amid skyrocketing gas prices and inflation.

Jim Renacci is a real conservative who will fight for tax relief all the time, not just when it's politically convenient. Renacci released the following statement: 

"DeWine might talk a tough game about Biden's energy crisis, but he isn't willing to actually do anything to help. Maybe DeWine has been a career politician for too long to know how much of a relief it would be for working families, but I fully support a temporary suspension of the gas tax to help Ohioans weather Biden's energy disaster. How much higher does gas need to go for Mike to care?"