Gun Rights Group Declines To Endorse DeWine Again, Gives Renacci “A” Rating


The Buckeye Firearms Association endorsed DeWine in 2018 but is dropping their endorsement this year.

The Buckeye Firearms Association, one of Ohio's most active organization's fighting for gun rights in Ohio, just refused to endorse Mike DeWine for his re-election after endorsing him in 2018 and dropped his grade to a "B." Meanwhile, Jim Renacci earned an "A" rating from the BFA.

It's no surprise: 

  • Mike DeWine betrayed Second Amendment supporters when he tried to "impress Democrats" with a series of gun confiscation and gun control proposals less than a year into his first term. 

  • When DeWine was in the Senate, he was listed as one of the "Top Ten Most Anti-Gun" Senators in Washington, the only Republican on the list. "This puts DeWine, who is running for re-election this year, in the company of Democrats and some of the most anti-American, anti-self defense and anti-Second Amendment characters that currently call the United States Senate their home," the Buckeye Firearms Association said at the time.

  • Even today, DeWine has said he doesn't consider gun rights to be a "high priority issue."

  • "Gov. DeWine has a lifelong career of pursuing gun control,” Ohio Gunowners Association Executive Director Chris Door said earlier this year. “Ohio gun owners say hell no. It's time to make gun rights great again in Ohio and reject DeWine's return to his gun control roots."

Jim Renacci released the following statement:

"Career politician RINO Mike DeWine supported radical anti-gun bills when he was in Washington and he did it again in his first year as governor. This is who he is and Ohio gun owners simply cannot trust Mike DeWine to defend their freedoms. Would you rather have a governor who TALKS about gun rights when it suits him, or would you rather have a governor who carries a gun all the time? The only way to ensure DeWine doesn't come after gun rights again is to retire him next month. As your governor I will never stop fighting for our Second Amendment freedoms!"