ICYMI: ‘I will never let an election be stolen’: GOP gubernatorial challenger pledges to bolster Ohio election security


Renacci is committed to restricting mail-in voting to traditional absentee voting, requiring a state-issued ID to vote and requiring regular forensic audits.

Jim Renacci is making headlines for his commitment to ensure fair and honest elections, unlike the fraud in 2020 that put Biden in office. Meanwhile, Mike DeWine still refuses to answer whether he believes the 2020 election was stolen.

Check out the latest story from The Buckeye Reporter on Renacci's promise to restore election integrity.

"I took a position at Medina County board of elections to see the process in action over the past two cycles just so I could speak with added experience on the matter. As I’ve made clear for years, elections are the lifeblood to our republic. Ohioans must have faith in our election process."

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