On Friday, one of Mike DeWine’s top cronies in the Governor’s office resigned amid continuing questions stemming from the FirstEnergy pay-for-play scandal. Jim Renacci responded by saying the “walls are closing in on Mike DeWine and his shady cronies. The FirstEnergy pay-for-play corruption scandal is far from over.”

He has also demanded DeWine fully disclose any direct and indirect contributions made to his campaign by FirstEnergy related to HB6 and pay back all of the $5 million in tainted money we know about.

Last month, Renacci called for the Ohio Secretary of State and Attorney General to investigate how much FirstEnergy money was funneled into various outside groups that may have ended up helping DeWine, and some of his biggest donors at the Ohio GOP and the Republican Governor’s Association. 

Read more about the resignation of former FirstEnergy lobbyist and DeWine legislative director Dan McCarthy:

“McCarthy came under fire for his close ties to Akron-based FirstEnergy, which recently admitted it bribed public officials to achieve a $1 billion bailout for two nuclear plants in northern Ohio. McCarthy's resignation letter did not reference FirstEnergy or House Bill 6.  

“Before joining DeWine's administration, McCarthy was a lobbyist for FirstEnergy and served as president of Partners for Progress, a FirstEnergy-funded dark money group that donated money to then-Rep. Larry Householder's political operation.”

DeWine Doubles Down on Vax to School Scam 

Last week, DeWine announced his Vax to School scam that will be a complete failure just like his vaccine lottery earlier this year. Renacci issued a statement reminding voters that DeWine takes his orders from Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci and continues to push government programs that takes Ohioans’ freedoms away.

  •  “[The] announcement is just another example of Mike DeWine taking his marching orders from Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci. A Jim Renacci administration would leave these vaccination decisions between parents and their children and get the government out the way, period. Mike DeWine already failed with his disastrous vaccine lottery earlier this year that did not make a tangible impact at all, while wasting taxpayer dollars. This would be more of the same. Between DeWine forcing our children to wear masks and continuing to stay silent while Joe Biden imposes vaccine mandates against Ohio businesses, the radical, liberal agenda of Mike DeWine is killing Ohio.”