ICYMI: Renacci Makes Headlines with Demand that DeWine Condemn “Child Abuse” Mask Mandates on Kids


ICYMIYesterday, Jim Renacci blasted the Ohio Hospital Association’s push for a mask mandate for Ohio school children and implored Mike DeWine to condemn the reckless and dangerous proposal.

“Let's be honest—masking our kids in schools for 8 hours a day is child abuse. Kids need to breathe properly, interact with others and to be heard. The long-term educational and psychological ramifications of these reckless policies are abhorrent. I immediately call on Mike DeWine to condemn the child abuse being pushed by state health leaders,” Jim Renacci said yesterday.

Shortly afterward, some statewide outlets picked up Renacci’s demand that DeWine immediately and publicly commit to opposing the push by state health leaders and noted that DeWine has a long history of supporting aggressive mask mandates.


“DeWine has been one of the leading Republican mask advocates in the country, arguing vociferously that masks should be required in more state venues,” reported the Buckeye Reporter yesterday. The story noted that state conservative leaders have called DeWine a “lockdown Governor”, with some also calling for his impeachment.

Despite the coverage, many other Ohio media outlets continue to ignore the widespread anger towards DeWine for his lockdown and mandate policies—particularly among parents. “For far too long, too many media outlets across Ohio have turned a blind eye to DeWine’s reckless embrace of lockdown and mandate policies that cause irreparable harm to our state and our children.  Ohioans demand and deserve far better from its current Governor and the press who cover him,” Jim Renacci said today.