ICYMI: Renacci’s Surging Campaign Against DeWine Garnering National Attention


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Wadsworth, OHICYMI, along with a handful of other conservative gubernatorial candidates across the country who are running on a pro-Trump platform, Jim Renacci’s campaign against Mike DeWine, whose term in office has been defined by mounting corruption scandals and far left policies that shuttered Ohio’s economy and schools, is beginning to draw national attention.  Another sign that Jim Renacci has the momentum in this race.

As was reported today in The Hill, Renacci’s campaign is centered around bringing an end to Mike DeWine’s disastrous reign of public corruption and far left policies that closed the doors on Ohio businesses and schools while opening the door to a skyrocketing and deadly crime wave.   Renacci and his running mate for Lieutenant Governor, Joe Knopp, are running to deliver the accountable, conservative and pro-Trump leadership Ohio needs and deserves.

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Former Congressman Jim Renacci is a proven business leader with the skills we need to turn Ohio around. He came here with just $200 and grew that into numerous businesses that employed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio to restore fiscal sanity, end the culture of corruption in Columbus, and fight for the rights of hardworking Ohioans.