ICYMI: Speakers at Medina County GOP rally against mask mandates, urge voting in upcoming elections


Check out the Medina Gazette article on Jim Renacci’s remarks during a Medina County Republican Party rally on Sunday.


Jim Renacci, Medina County Republican Party chairman, is one of three gubernatorial candidates running as a Republican, including incumbent DeWine.  


“We need to make sure that we're all together in this about removing and defeating DeWine,” Renacci said.  


Similar to earlier speakers, Renacci emphasized the importance of the November elections and the local government officials.  


He explained that in these local races, they will help start the fight for change.  


“If we can start and get the base of people to be elected who are going to be fighters — true fighters in the school boards, true fighters in city council, true fighters in the mayor's races,” Renacci said. 


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