Jim Renacci announces “Overhaul Ohio” pledge to protect our election integrity in 2024.


President Trump called Mike DeWine a RINO for refuting that the 2020 election was stolen. If elected I will protect our elections to re-elect Donald Trump in 2024.

We need to restore faith in our election system. Mike DeWine has sided with Joe Biden saying there was no election fraud.

We need to follow the constitution for our elections. As governor, I will never let an election be stolen as it was in some states in 2020 against President Trump.

We should never move an election. A governor does not have that power. Mike DeWine acted as a dictator. As governor, Jim Renacci will follow the constitution.

Voter integrity is a vital issue in America. I took a position at Medina County board of elections to see the process in action over the past two cycles just so I could speak with added experience on the matter.

As I’ve made clear for years, elections are the lifeblood to our republic. Ohioans must have faith in our election process.


  • Enact State Issue Voter ID Cards provided only to American citizens and Ohioans who are eligible to vote.

  • Enact a full forensic audit, at a minimum, every four years during a presidential election.

  • Assure no “Mail-In” voting process except for traditional absentee voting.