Jim Renacci Leads Charge For HB 248 While DeWine Threatens To Veto


Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci has officially signed on to HB 248, the initiative to protect Ohioans' health freedom and put an end once and for all to vaccine mandates in the state of Ohio.

Renacci signed the petition to put HB 248, the Vaccine and Gene Therapy Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act, on the ballot alongside Stephanie Stock from Ohio Advocates for Medical Freedom. He was one of the first residents of Ohio to lend his name in support of the effort.

"For seven and a half months Ohioans have been enduring vaccine mandates, discrimination, and severe coercive actions that are affecting their ability to work and feed their families," Stephanie Stock said. "Voters have been pleading with the legislature to give them the protections of HB 248 but their response has been smoke and mirrors legislation that does not provide discrimination protection. If establishment politicians refuse to protect the rights of their constituents, then we will bring a 248 ballot initiative to the people so they can vote to protect themselves. We appreciate candidates like Jim Renacci who understand how critical this issue is to our workers, our children, and the future of Ohio's social and economic success!"

In contrast, Mike DeWine has threatened to veto any effort to protect Ohioans' medical freedoms, making the campaign to approve HB 248 - and retire Mike DeWine - more urgent than ever.

"A vote for Mike DeWine is a vote for more Fauci-inspired vaccine passports and mandates in Ohio's businesses and schools," Jim Renacci said. "If DeWine won't protect our medical freedoms, then the people of Ohio will, which is why I'm fighting to get HB 248 on the ballot and will fight to get it approved. DeWine has shown us exactly who he is. It's never been more urgent for conservative Ohioans to retire Mike DeWine and elect a governor who will relentlessly fight for our state and our freedoms. That's the kind of leadership I plan to bring to Columbus."