Jim Renacci Reacts to Latest Abysmal Ohio Jobless Numbers: ‘DeWine Has No Plan To Fix It’


"I will let the world know that Ohio is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!"

New unemployment data confirm that Ohio is still struggling to get out of the economic hole that Mike DeWine's aggressive and unnecessary lockdowns buried it in. Per a new report, Ohio had the ninth-largest increase in the U.S. in unemployment claims last week and has seen the 13th highest increase in jobless claims since the pandemic began.

Mike DeWine's lockdown leadership drove Ohio's economy into the ditch and he is proving unable to get us out. Remember:

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response: 

"If RINO Mike DeWine had listened to President Trump instead of Dr. Fauci and the liberal media, he wouldn't have been one of the first governors to completely lock down their state. Instead, DeWine chose to destroy nearly a million jobs and decimate Ohio families' livelihoods while massive corporate retailers got a free pass. Nearly two years later, it's clear DeWine has no real plan to fix it: Ohio is still struggling to climb out of the economic hole DeWine dug us into. As governor, I will apply the same job-creating conservative principles I've learned through my decades of experience in building successful businesses and turn Ohio around to become one of the top states in the country to create jobs. Most importantly, I will let the world know that Ohio is OPEN FOR BUSINESS!"