Jim Renacci Statement on Cleveland Plain Dealer, Fake News Reporting


Jim Renacci issued the following statement:

"Jeremy Pelzer's reporting on Mike DeWine is like the snowflakes falling in Ohio right now...beautiful pieces of work but incredibly fragile with very little substance. When The Ohio Fake News is done getting spoon-fed by DeWine's people, they should step out of the Columbus bubble and talk to actual Ohio Trump supporters (their RINO DeWine friends don't count). DeWine has some serious problems that Pelzer would rather not admit, but they should be reported no matter how unpleasant they are! Otherwise it's a big disservice to the great people of Ohio. The media totally failed to see Donald Trump's victory in 2016 or his landslide win in Ohio in 2020 coming, and they saluted DeWine for his lockdowns that even the Democrats now admit were a huge, costly mistake. If the media doesn't get smarter with their reporting this time, they and the RINOs who read them are going to be shocked yet again on Election Day!"