Cleveland, OH – Former congressman Jim Renacci released the following statement on Mike DeWine’s disingenuous response to Joe Biden’s unconstitutional vaccine mandate for business owners.


“We have seen Mike DeWine promise one thing, yet do another, often at the expense of Ohioans - his tepid response to Joe Biden's vaccine mandate is no different. Whether it was his overbearing lockdown, his support for Critical Race Theory, or his corrupt pay-for-play behavior, DeWine has proven himself to be a chameleon with no true conservative principles. DeWine will try and do whatever he can to fool conservatives because he wants to win re-election. Ohioans already saw him lie to their face in 2020. We simply cannot and must not trust Mike DeWine to lead our fight against Joe Biden's vaccine mandate.


“Joe Biden has decided to force his unconstitutional vaccine mandate on business owners, essentially pitting them against their own employees with the threat of government fines if they do not comply. We have experienced what a DeWine lockdown will do to our state—businesses shut down, jobs killed off, and our children losing a year of in-person education. Mask and vaccine mandates have no place in our society and if we do not stand up to these Draconian rules like DeWine imposed, we will have to live through another shutdown that we cannot afford.


“DeWine has proven he will not protect our freedoms after what he has already done to us. That is the DeWine legacy. He represents more misery for everyday Ohioans who are still picking up the pieces after he completely shattered their lives one year ago.”