Cleveland, OH – Former congressman and candidate for governor Jim Renacci released a new ad highlighting Mike DeWine’s failed record that has resulted in less freedom for all Ohioans. The biggest RINO in America continues to rear his head to fight against conservative values and oppose President Donald J. Trump’s America First agenda at every turn. By electing a true conservative like Jim Renacci for governor, Ohio will finally have a leader who will fight against all COVID mandates while supercharging the economy to bring back jobs and businesses that left because of DeWine’s shutdown.


Click here to watch the new ad, “Beware of RINO’s”



“Whether it is COVID mandates or siding with liberal Democrats to deny Ohioans their freedoms, Mike DeWine has consistently proven he is not the conservative leader he has tried to lead us to believe,” Renacci said. “DeWine is the biggest RINO in America today and it is time to send him packing so we can begin to undo all the misery he has brought to Ohio.”




NARRATOR: This is a RINO. Having mastered the art of deception, a RINO lures his prey by disguising his true nature.


NEWS REPORT: Mike DeWine has said that he would put a mask mandate in place right now again, but the legislature wouldn’t allow him.


NARRATOR: The RINO finds comfort in the presence of other vile creatures.


MIKE DEWINE: Seriously, that was one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in a long time.


NARRATOR: To the RINO, power is the key to survival.


DEWINE: And the order prohibits things such as dancing and games.


NARRATOR: To trust a RINO is to accept one’s own peril.


NEWS REPORT: Today, Mike DeWine made an urgent plea for school districts to mandate masks.


DEWINE: If I could put on a statewide mandate, if the health department could do it, we would do it.


TEXT: Beware of Rinos.


TEXT: Ohio deserves a true Conservative.