Jim Renacci’s Message to Joe Biden: ‘We Voted For Trump’


Jim Renacci released the following statement welcoming Joe Biden to Ohio: 

“Since Mike DeWine is too much of a RINO to do it, I’ll do it for him: welcome to Ohio, Joe Biden! Please remember today that Ohio is Trump Country, and you lost our state in the biggest landslide loss for a Democrat in decades. Ohioans don't want to hear about your Left-wing trillion dollar spending bills. They'd rather talk about your ridiculously unpopular mandates and shut downs, which our current governor was more than happy to carry out for you in Ohio, or your open borders illegal immigration crisis, which our current amnesty-supporting governor refuses to get serious about. Ohio is going to send you another loud and clear message in November, and when the voters retire your friend DeWine and I am elected Governor, I am going to fight to keep Ohioans safe from your agenda.”

No one in Ohio is more excited about Joe Biden’s visit today than his good RINO friend Mike DeWine!

Who knows if DeWine will show up to meet Biden, but we’re sure he badly wants to be there, given their history. Let’s review: