Joe Knopp Pledges to Clean-up Youth Services in Ohio


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“I know first-hand, children who end up under state care need to feel safe in order to thrive into adulthood. Ohio has failed to protect our youth and their future.”

Springboro, OH-Joe Knopp is wasting no time; less than 24 hours after joining Jim Renacci’s gubernatorial ticket, Knopp has made clear that cleaning up the Ohio Department of Youth Services will be a top priority.  Knopp, a successful film producer, who grew up in an orphanage, was announced yesterday as Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci’s choice for Lt. Governor.

“Ohio’s youth correctional system has the highest incidence of sexual abuse in the country, with two times the national average.  It’s appalling that Mike DeWine would allow the abuse to continue under his watch,” Knopp said.

“These are not isolated incidents, it’s been going on for years, and the long-term consequences are devastating as these children become adults. One of my first priorities as Lt. Governor will be to protect our children who are in the state system. Whether they are there because of parental neglect like I was, or they are part of the juvenile correction system, children need to be protected.”