Mike DeWine Is Creating A Climate Of COVID Fear For Ohio Businesses


"DeWine is back on TV telling our customers to hide again."
Ohio restaurants, still struggling from the fallout from Mike DeWine's aggressive and unnecessary 2020 lockdowns and a crippling labor shortage, are now facing another wave of COVID fear that DeWine is egging on. 

Mike DeWine should be leading Ohio by letting Ohioans know the state is open and giving our businesses the confidence they need. Instead, he is spreading a culture of fear. Paul, a deli owner in Northeast Ohio, blamed DeWine for his grim message that is keeping consumers away:

"All of the fear and doom handed down by Mike DeWine the past two years has us hanging on by a thread. Our income is our family business and now we need cash flow to pay the bills. Things were picking up a bit this past fall. Now DeWine is back on TV telling our customers to hide again. We will not survive another round of this."

DeWine has done nothing to restore confidence in Ohio:

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response: 

“Mike DeWine shut the doors FOREVER on 3,100 restaurants in Ohio and thousands more are fearing that the same fate may fall upon them too. A Renacci/Knopp administration will promote a culture of hope and growth in Ohio."