MSNBC: ‘Very real anger’ from Ohio Republicans ‘directed very specifically at Mike DeWine’


MSNBC, Politico, and the Washington Post all confirmed today that Mike DeWine has a serious problem with Republican primary voters.
"There's real support still for President Trump within the Republican base [in Ohio], even more so an anti-DeWine sentiment," a Politico reporter acknowledged on MSNBC today"I do sense, I do hear very real anger from them directed very specifically at Mike DeWine."
MSNBC wasn't alone in raising the alarm about DeWine's problems with Republican voters. A new report from Politico Tuesday confirms just how much trouble Mike DeWine's anti-Trump leadership is causing his re-election campaign...and why pro-Trump Jim Renacci is increasingly likely to defeat him in Ohio's May Republican primary. 
According to Politico, the race shows "just how far Trumpism, even without the former president’s direct involvement, can take a challenger against a more traditional conservative governor who clashed with the most strident parts of the Republican base during the pandemic." Politico's report comes on the heels of the Washington Post admitting yesterday that "Trumpism isn't going anywhere" in 2022.
That's why pro-Trump Renacci is in a strong position to defeat Mike DeWine and become Ohio's next governor. A new poll released Tuesday confirms that Renacci is on track to defeat DeWine in May, with just 32% of Republican primary voters saying they currently plan to vote for DeWine for re-election. That's no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention to DeWine's repeated opposition to President Trump's leadership:
  • DeWine went against President Trump's advice when he became one of the first governors to lock down his state and needlessly kill nearly a million jobs. He also ran against President Trump's guidance when he rescheduled Ohio's 2020 primary election.
  • DeWine abandoned President Trump when he claimed there was no fraud in the 2020 election and has done nothing since to ensure future elections will be free and fair.
  • The Chicago Tribune went so far as to write the telling headline "Ohio’s GOP Governor Mike DeWine splits from President Trump." 
  • DeWine has done nothing to advance Trumpism in Ohio. He's done nothing to keep schools open, to fight mask and vaccine mandates, to combat wokeness and critical race theory, or secure the flow of drugs and crime stemming from our open border.
Meanwhile, Jim Renacci has been a consistent champion for both President Trump and the Trump agenda - and an opponent of DeWine - since day one. Trumpism is on the rise in Ohio, and there is no stronger and louder champion for that movement than Jim Renacci!