Cleveland, OH – Renacci for Governor released a new ad entitled “Everybody’s Closed,” highlighting Mike DeWine’s abject failure during the pandemic as he shutdown businesses and killed jobs. Instead of acting like more responsible conservative governors in other states who balanced the health of the people without sacrificing the economy, DeWine acted more like New York’s Andrew Cuomo and trafficked in misery to every corner of Ohio.

“We have already seen what a Mike DeWine shutdown can do to our economy and how much hurt it can bring to Ohioans,” Jim Renacci said. “Now DeWine wants to force our children to wear masks in schools, shut down businesses again, and require everyone to comply with mandates that take our freedom away. DeWine is a disgrace and his disgusting actions prove he is no conservative fighter. He is nothing more than a weak RINO who cares more about being on tv than actually helping the people of this state.”

 The ad features troubling examples of small business owners who struggled to stay afloat during DeWine’s shutdown with many of them barely making payroll or even laying off staff. Ultimately, close to 110,000 restaurants were forced to close permanently.

Transcript of the ad:

TEXT: DeWine laughed with Chris Cuomo on CNN, while Ohioans suffered.

REPORTER: Feels like pretty soon we need these lists and just going to say everybody’s closed. 

REPORTER: Governor Mike DeWine is calling for more businesses to close tonight. 

REPORTER: It’s best to close up shop until the pandemic is over. 

REPORTER: Both locations have been closed for two weeks. All the staff laid off. With no revenue, she’s dipping into savings to pay $12,000 in rent. 

REPORTER: As of this week, they said they just weren’t going to be able to pay their staff because of such a drastic drop in traffic, and they are not the only small business or restaurant currently having to make some really difficult decisions. 

REPORTER: A 110,000 restaurants that have already closed permanently throughout the eight, nine months of this pandemic.

MIKE DEWINE: That was one of the best things I’ve seen on TV in a long time. 

TEXT: It’s time for a True Conservative for Ohio.