New Study Finds DeWine’s Lockdowns Had “Little To No” Effect But Imposed “Enormous” Costs


"DeWine's lockdowns had no effect on public health, other than to cause needless suffering for millions."

shocking new study released by medical researchers from Johns Hopkins University analyzed the effects of lockdown measures like school shutdowns, business closures, and mask mandates...and the findings are a devastating indictment of Governor Mike DeWine and his crony Amy Acton's failed leadership.

The study found that lockdowns like the kinds imposed by Mike DeWine and Amy Acton "had little to no public health effects," but "imposed enormous economic and social costs," including unemployment, students' education setbacks, an increase in domestic violence, and surging drug overdoses. "Such a standard benefit-cost calculation leads to a strong conclusion," the study asserts. "Lockdowns should be rejected out of hand as a pandemic policy instrument."

That completely shutting down Ohio like Mike DeWine and Amy Acton did would lead to devastating consequences for Ohio's workers, business owners, students, and parents was obvious to conservative leaders like Jim Renacci and President Trump. Instead, DeWine thwarted President Trump's warnings by becoming an "early lone wolf" and aggressively locking down Ohio. The liberal media showered DeWine with praise, heralding his lockdowns as a "national guide," while Ohians continued to suffer and DeWine resisted President Trump's calls to reopen. 

Just this past month, DeWine insisted he has no regrets about his response to the pandemic and has refused to apologize to the people of our state. He has learned nothing.

Jim Renacci issued the following statement in response to the new study:

"This study is another heartbreaking reminder of just how devastating Lockdown DeWine's so-called leadership has been for Ohio. While DeWine was earning slobbering praise from CNN, Joe Biden, and the Left for defying President Trump's leadership and aggressively locking down Ohio, DeWine and Amy Acton were tyrannically issuing order after order that caused hundreds of thousands of Ohioans to lose their jobs, shut down countless small businesses while giving massive corporations a pass, choked our economy, and severely disrupted our children's education. Now we know DeWine's lockdowns had no effect on public health, other than to cause needless suffering for millions. This was the defining test of Mike DeWine's governorship, and he failed it spectacularly. DeWine ignored literally every opinion in the world outside of Dr. Fauci and destroyed the state because of it. Ohioans can't trust DeWine's judgement anymore, which is why he is going to lose in May."