Ohio Can’t Afford Another Shutdown


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Wadsworth, OH-Ohio Republican gubernatorial candidate, Jim Renacci responded with a warning that Ohio needs to stay open, despite the latest news thatDr. Anthony Fauci is calling for potential lockdowns over the new COVID variant, “Omicron.”

“History has taught us that we can’t trust Mike DeWine to resist lockdowns and mandates, and Dr. Fauci should not be dictating policy for the state of Ohio. So I am making the promise that as your Governor, I will never shut down our economy.”

“Ohio still hasn’t recovered from DeWine’s first shutdown, another one would be disastrous for Ohioans.  We can’t afford to lose any more jobs or small businesses. Ohio businesses that DeWine shuttered in 2020 can’t afford another one of DeWine’s blows, especially while he allowed outside big-box retailers to stay open and profit.”


Former Congressman Jim Renacci is a proven business leader with the skills we need to turn Ohio around. He came here with just $200 and grew that into numerous businesses that employed tens of thousands of Ohioans. Renacci is running for Governor of Ohio to restore fiscal sanity, end the culture of corruption in Columbus, and fight for the rights of hardworking Ohioans.