Cleveland, OH – Mike DeWine’s failed leadership has created an unbearable labor environment where employers are struggling to find workers to fill essential jobs across Ohio. As recent media reports suggest the labor shortage could affect jobs coming back to the state, Ohioans must never forget DeWine’s draconian shutdown during the pandemic killed off jobs and shut down businesses which led to some of the worst unemployment rates in Ohio’s history. 


“DeWine’s complete and total shutdown of Ohio during the pandemic forced our skilled workers to leave for more job friendly states like Florida and Texas,” Jim Renacci said. “Ohioans know he is not up to the job of helping the state recover and we need a governor who has actually run a business like myself, instead of a career politician like Mike DeWine who is loyal only to special interests.” 


In another sign of DeWine’s dereliction of duty, the unemployment rate is at a staggering 5.4% as 5,000 more Ohioans were added to the rolls since last month. Unemployment fraud is also running rampant under DeWine as “Ohio paid out roughly $2.1 billion in unemployment benefits to fraudsters or people who received overpayments.” According to a news report quoting an expert on fraud prevention, “Ohio – unlike other states – failed to put measures in place to detect and prevent massive unemployment fraud…”