Ohio Voters Advance the Necessary Signatures to Put Renacci on the Ballot for Governor


Wadsworth, OH- Republican gubernatorial candidateJim Renacci is first to announce he has the signatures necessary to be on the ballot for the GOP Primary, thanks to an overwhelming show of support from Ohio Republican voters and Renacci’s groundswell of grassroots support.

“Republican voters across Ohio have a clear choice between the committed conservative leadership I’ll deliver in Columbus, and four more years of the corruption, lockdowns and Biden style liberalism that have sadly but clearly defined Mike DeWine’s term in office.  The clear momentum behind our campaign is being fueled by Ohioans who demand and deserve the accountable conservative leadership that Mike DeWine promised but never delivered,” Jim Renacci said.

The team of Jim Renacci and Joe Knopp have well over the one thousand signatures required by law to be on the primary ballot for Ohio governor and lieutenant governor. Volunteers from all over Ohio traversed the state gathering signatures and support for the Renacci campaign.