"No one in the race will fight for parents’ rights in education more than Jim Renacci."-PRIE  statement

Parents' Rights in Education (PRIE) PAC, a non-profit organization representing the rights of parents and students in public schools, announced their support for the Renacci/Knopp campaign.

"My wife Tina and I prioritized our children's education. We made sure they had the reading, math, science, and the Christian values that launched their success in adulthood. Every parent should be able to do the same for their children. We need to get the liberal agenda out of our schools. I am grateful to.have the PRIE PAC behind me."

Letter to Jim Renacci:

Jim Renacci:

Congratulations! Parents’ Rights In Education, PAC proudly endorses you for Ohio

PARENTS’ RIGHTS IN EDUCATION is committed to valuing students, empowering parents and supporting communities to secure great educations for public school  children in America. A tax-deductible non-profit organization established in 2011, PRIE  has inspired parents all over the nation and beyond to restore parents’ rights in  education.

PRIE welcomes all students, families, and community members who care about  scholastic success for K-12 public school students. Though PRIE families come from all  different backgrounds and from across the political spectrum, we are all united by our  love of learning and the possibilities for success in life available to all students through scholarship.

Over 30 years ago, Jim moved to Ohio with a few hundred dollars, dreaming American dreams of starting a family and launching a business. Growing up in a blue-collar union family in western Pennsylvania, Jim Renacci was the first in his family to graduate from college.

Jim has a plan to address the K-12 National Education Crisis, returning local control to school districts. He will stop the influence and heavy hand of federal government, and union control foisted on local school districts.

Jim and Tina raised their family in OHIO, implementing his entrepreneurial vision of owning a small business, providing jobs and livelihoods for local families. No one in the race will fight for parents’ rights in education more than Jim Renacci. Our children are counting on us, the voters, to protect them!

PRIE PAC Board of Directors are confident Jim Renacci is the best choice for families,
and the future of our nation!