Plain Dealer Editor: FirstEnergy Scandal ‘Tightening Around Governor DeWine’


"More and more suspicious" ... "Red flags are everywhere" ... "DeWine looks terrible here" 
The Cleveland Plain Dealer's "Today in Ohio" podcast hosted by editor Chris Quinn dissected the bombshell news about Mike DeWine and Sam Randazzo this morning. Their conclusion? The scandal "keeps tightening around our governor." 
Don't just take Jim Renacci's word for it. DeWine's own Ohio establishment is growing "more and more suspicious" of his corrupt ties to FirstEnergy and his "feeble excuses" by the day. Check out some of the top takeaways:
  • "Mike DeWine's selection of Sam Randazzo as the state's utility chief [is] looking more and more suspicious...this circle keeps tightening around our governor." 
  • "He had strong advice: don't do this. Don't put him in, he has too many ties, there's something wrong with this guy. And he put him in anyway, despite knowing all of that. And they're giving these feeble excuses now...DeWine looks terrible here. He knew not to do it. He did it anyway."
  • "The red flags are everywhere. Why not go with somebody with no red flags? But the fact that he stuck with him is very telling. I wish the federal prosecutors would finally drop the additional indictments that are sure to come, because if there are any more revelations about Mike DeWine's relationship with FirstEnergy, the voters should know..."
  • "It makes no sense unless there’s some kind of sinister relationship that we still have yet to see..."