Pro-Life Group: DeWine Allowing Ohio’s Six Abortion Providers to Operate with Expired Licenses


"Every one of the six surgical abortion clinics in the state is operating under an expired license from the Ohio Department of Health."

The Right to Life Action Coalition (RTLAC) pulled its endorsement of Governor Mike DeWine and issued a Vote of No Confidence in November 2020 over the appointment of pro-abortion Dr. Amy Acton to lead the Department of Health. "The Pro-life communities in Ohio have been betrayed," RTLAC said at the time.

Now, RTLAC is calling DeWine out for another betrayal. Under his Administration, all six of Ohio's surgical abortion clinics are operating with expired licenses. DeWine gave Obama supporter Dr. Amy Acton the power to to allow abortion clinics to operate with expired licenses during the pandemic - and they are still doing so - while legitimate and essential businesses were forced to close. DeWine and Acton even helped a Dayton abortion clinic avoid licensing restrictions by simply reopening under a new name.

"During the COVID emergency, Ohio’s abortion clinics remained open with no constraints, while the DeWine Administration was shutting down restaurants, barber shops, hair salons, dentist offices, and numerous other small businesses," RTLAC said. 

It's no wonder pro-life groups across the state are dumping DeWine and endorsing Jim Renacci. Jim Renacci released the following statement: 

"I am sickened by the disregard for human life within the DeWine administration. How can Mike DeWine call himself a pro-life advocate while appointing a pro-abortion medical director and allowing the killing of innocent human lives with expired licenses? DeWine went out of his way to enable these abortion mills to continue operating while the state forced mom-and-pop stores across Ohio to shut down. Columbus desperately needs a change in its priorities, and I am running to bring real conservative, pro-life, pro-freedom change to Ohio."