Renacci Calls for Common Sense In Redistricting Fight


"Move the Primary to August Instead of Wasting Taxpayer's Money"

Ohio Republican candidate for Governor, Jim Renacci calls it ridiculous to consider having two primaries to accommodate the Redistricting Commission's disaster.

"There are lots of people to blame for this, including those Republicans in 2017 who were afraid to fight, and succumbed the creators of the clearly inept Redistricting Commission," Renacci said.

"Having one primary in August will give the court time to sort through the redistricting mess, military ballots can go out on time, and taxpayers won't have to pay the extra 20 or 30 million for primaries in both May and August.  I am usually opposed to moving primaries, but this involves taxpayer money, and the only people benefiting from two primaries are incumbents who want to get the election over with, and burden Ohio taxpayers with the cost."