Renacci Calls for Full Disclosure in FirstEnergy Scandal: “Ohioans deserve to see visitation records involving DeWine, Husted, Jones and Dowling.”


FirstEnergy shareholders’ attorneys identify Charles Jones, Michael Dowling for devising House Bill 6 payments

Ohio conservative Republican, Jim Renacci says the visitation logs and the facts should be out in the open.

"We need to ask for the logs of how many times DeWine or Husted met with Charles Jones or Michael Dowling.  Both Jones and Dowling have added Mike DeWine and John Husted to their lists for depositions. Both have met with DeWine and Husted multiple times, that list of visits needs to be made public. DeWine and Husted need to tell us the facts. We are the taxpayers who were hurt by their scandal. We deserve to know who we put in office and what his administration has done to us."