Renacci Calls U.S. Supreme Court Vaccine Decision a Victory for Freedom, and a Strong Message to DeWine: Retire


Wadsworth OH- Republican gubernatorial candidate Jim Renacci released the following statement.

"I applaud today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision striking down Joe Biden’s authoritarian federal government vaccine mandate as a victory for Ohio workers and for liberty. It's unfortunate that Ohioans had to wait for the Supreme Court to do what Mike DeWine was unwilling to do - protect our medical freedoms. This is a big victory, but more must be done to keep fighting vaccine mandates in Ohio, including passing HB 248 into law to ensure no business can discriminate against any Ohio worker or customer based on their personal health decisions. Mike DeWine's statement today in support of more vaccine mandates shows he just doesn't get it. Ohio will not be truly free until we retire Mike DeWine, who opposes our efforts and won't lift a finger to actually fight these mandates as long as he is governor."

Renacci promises as Ohio governor, he will fight for Ohioans, and will never support a medical mandate of any kind.